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2013-07-25 | Creative Business Cup 2013

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre''   co-organized with company "sevent is  announcing  the  business  idea  competition ‘’Creative  Business  Cup  2013, , in partnership  with  ‘’GEW’’, ‘’Denmark  Centre  for Culture and Experience  Economy’’ and  ‘’Denmark Ministry  of Business and Growth’’.






Project  would  be  held  in the  framework  of   the  International  Project  ‘’Global Entrepreneurship Week’’,  hosted  by  ‘’Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre’’,  which  is  the local  host  of GEW  in  Georgia.

‘’Global  Entrepreneurship Week’’  is  the worlds  largest  celebration  of  the  innovators and  job  creators,  who launch  startups  that  bring  ideas  to life, drive  economic  growth and  expand  human  welfare.

Project  aims to develop creative   business  industry . This  year  up to  40  countries  are  participating  in the  project. Main  judging  criterias are : originality,  creativity and  competitiveness.

Project  international  Partners

‘’Global Entrepreneurship Week’

‘’Denmark  Centre  for Culture and Experience  Economy’

‘’Denmark Ministry  of Business and Growth’’

‘’kauffman  Foundation ‘’


Project  Local  Partner:

Event  Management  Company ‘’Sevent’’

Project  Beneficiaries:

Current  entrepreneurs,  individual  persons and teams  with  business ideas  can  apply  for  the  competition,  who  has  some  working  experience  in  the  spheres  below:

Design/ Architect
Film/Video  Production
Radio/TV  Production


The  investment  capital of  the  participating  companies shouldn’t  exceed  500  000 $.There  are  no  another rules  or   restrictions  related  to organization age, annual turnover  ,employs  or  other.

After  submition of    business idea  descriptions,  3-5  participants  would  be selected  by Jury.  Through  September- October the  winner  will  prepare  a full business  plan and  will  practice in public speech  with  the  help  of  ‘’Global Entrepreneurship Week’’ Advisory  Board.

The  winner  of CBC  Georgia  will  be sent  to  the  Global Final  of CBC  in  Copenhagen  through  November  18-20 and  will compete  for  50 000  $  with  another  40  coutrnies.

Interested  participants please send creative  business  idea  description  (  400  simbole)  in English  or Georgian  at : , until 22.08.2013. Submited  forms  would  be  reviewed  by  Jury until  august  27 , presentations  would  be hels  on August 30.

Additional Information:

Creative  Business Cup  2012  Winners:
I  place  – ”We  Want  Cinema/Netherlands ”

II place – ‘’Greenbo/Israel’’

III  place – ‘’Norwegian  Rain’’

Contact  Information:

Tinatin  Gholadze  – ;(995  599  382  295)

Mako Jaoshvili    –  (995 595 599 977)


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